Thelma Plum ‘Monsters’ out now!

Yen Magazine | 1 July 2014

Thelma Plum, in the recording studio, with the microphone. Yes, we solved the mystery of Plum’s new EP!

Monsters is out today (4 July) so wire-in like Zuckerberg for this slice of heaven.

Monsters was created with hip-hop producer M-Phazes by Plum’s side, and if you can picture that Phazes has worked with Kimbra, Eminem and Illy, you’ll see it’s a slight departure from the folksy sound of her 2013 debut EP Rosie. The perfect, echo-y intonations of her voice stay the same, but the backdrop is something else. The first single ‘How Much Does Your Love Cost?’ opens with a Tarantino riff and rattle snake percussion that is an exciting new direction for Plum. She was determined to work with M-Phazes on this EP, even if it meant getting a little weird. She tells Triple J, “[I] went to one of Illy’s shows in Brisbane and stalked my way backstage and was like ‘You have to let me meet Phazes, You have to let me meet Phazes’, and I guess kind of just stalked Phazes until he let me work with him,” she laughs.

After the success of last year’s track ‘Around Here‘ and its catchy f-bombs (we put 20 cents in the swear jar every time we listen), Monsters is a little heavier in sound, but Plum says it’s more clean cut in lyrics. “On the whole [Monsters] EP there’s only one swear word and it’s really quiet so I don’t think you can tell,” she said. “I actually played it to my mum and dad and my dad was like ‘There’s no swearing, what’s going on?’ and I was like ‘Oh that’s nice, people know me as the swear girl’.”

Monsters is out now on iTunes. Thelma Plum is touring this week and next, see the info below for dates and tickets.

Friday, 4th July 2014
Newtown Social Club, Sydney
Tix: Via Newtown Social Club | 1300 724 867

Saturday, 5th July 2014
Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
Tix: Via Northcote Social Club | 1300 724 867

Thursday, 10th July 2014
The Old Museum, Brisbane (Under 18’s can attend with a parent/guardian. Call venue to arrange.)
Tix: Via The Old Museum

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