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Meet the Halley Watch Company, they see a bag of rules, gleefully rip ‘em up and then turn the remnants into something lovely and stylish. Case in point: their decision to make a timepiece with one single hand. You read that right. Not only does it look good, it’s also a celebration of simplicity and style and encourages the wearer to relax, take a breather and don’t live down to the minute, live on your own time.

But don’t confuse the Halley Watch Company for a bunch of slackers, oh no. Made in Noosa, Australia, every watch is designed and hand-checked meticulously to ensure a
consistent high quality. The watches mix minimalism with practicality; featuring a CITIZEN-made Japanese Quartz Movement, stainless steel and genuine leather, they’re water resistant and, most importantly, look damn fine on one’s wrist.


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