Interesting people and their pets

Elise Pitt | 8 September 2011

Hemingway was a cat lover, McCartney wrote a song about his English Sheepdog Martha and Picasso had an adorable sausage dog called Lump.

Famous people love their pets as much as we do! Cat Stevens, rather ironically, was so devoted to his canine friend that he wrote his first hit song about him.

We stumbled across this pretty cool little blog post on interesting people and their pets.

There’s James Dean and his grey cat, Marcus, who was given to him by Elizabeth Taylor as a gift.

Marilyn Monroe and her scruffy terrier, Maf.

John, Yoko and one of their many cats.

Alfred Hitchcock and his stocky terrier pal.

It got us thinking about cat people vs dog people. Everyone knows there’s clearly a difference, but a recent study seems to have proven it. Apparently feline fanatics are shy and neurotic art lovers with “unconventional beliefs”, while pouch enthusiasts are sociable extroverts who are conscientious and thrive on spontaneity. Sounds about right to us.

And what about the theory that people look like their pets? We’re not so sure about George Clooney and his Pig, Max, but there could be some truth in the scruffy looking Errol Flynn (below) and his canine friend, Arno, and researchers reckon so too.

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