Guest Artist: Kristin Texeira

Colour and memory waltz hand in hand in this artist’s work.

Shirin Marshall & The Lost Exposures Project

Giving a loving home to undeveloped lost film from another era.

Calm Your Soul With Inka Mathew’s Pantone-Matched Tiny Objects

The Texas-based graphic designer examines Pantone colours in our everyday lives.

Stefano Cerio Explores China’s Abandoned Fun Parks

Italian photographer Stefano Cerio examines the notion of absence in his journey through China’s forgotten amusement parks.

Clay: Contemporary Ceramic Artisans By Amber Creswell Bell

Clay is having a bit of a moment. Everywhere you turn from galleries, to Etsy and Instagram, people are making ceramic wonders.

Valerie Chiang’s American West Photo Series

This photographer is drawn to the "calming and unsettling" nature of empty spaces.

Oliver Curtis’s ‘Volte-Face’ Photo Series

Take everything you know about the most famous spots in the world and throw it out the window. Oliver Curtis is here to show you...

Isabelle & Alexis’s Blossom Photo Series

This French duo fills empty spaces with beautiful wisps of coloured smoke to snap for their 'Blossom' series.

Take Flight With Claire Harvey’s Postcards Series

Peer out the window on your next trip and, if you’re lucky, you might see one of Claire Harvey’s artworks hanging on the wings.